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The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation



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You have abilities and powers beyond your current comprehension. Maybe you don't know it yet. Or maybe you have an inkling of your Divinity but don't know what that means specifically or how that plays out in your "real" life.

That you're here, now, reading this indicates that you're being guided by aspects of your Divinity. More importantly, you're heeding that guidance.

As you continue your journey, seeking higher wisdom to aid you in finding those truths that resonate with your Divine Being, you'll find many new worlds to explore. Some will be of immense value to you. Others may be just detours. All offer wisdom and knowledge for you. Some will prove more valuable to you than others, but all have value for you.

Perhaps what you're searching for is here... waiting for you to discover it within this website. Perhaps there is something I have to offer you that will further you on your journey to realizing that you truly are a Divine Being.

I offer many pathways to empower and guide you in your journey to realizing your Divinity this Earthwalk:

  • The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation - This activation is a powerful process that is similar to a guided visualization or meditation. It includes the activation of all 12 strands of your DNA, PLUS the activation of the 12 interdimensional layers that surround the DNA, PLUS your Akashic Record which resides on your DNA.
  • The Akashic Wisdom Retrieval - A simple yet powerful process, similar to a guided meditation or visualization. Using the seven major chakras as the gateway to your Akashic Record, astounding wisdom is revealed to you... wisdom you've gained throughout all your past lifetimes.
  • Spiritual and Life Purpose Coaching and Mentoring - Specifically focused to assist you to remember your Soul Contract so that you can live your Life Purpose. During sessions we use Divine Guidance lovingly offered by your Higher Self and Angel or Spirit Guides as well as my sources for Higher Wisdom.
  • Vibrational or energetic healing modalities such as Reiki, 12 strand DNA Re-encoding, and PSYCH-K.
  • Psychic Consultations or readings, such as Tarot readings, AstroArchetype readings, or channeled messages from Angels and/or Spirit Guides
  • Online spiritual classes and workshops designed to guide and empower you to recognize and utilize your own psychic abilities.
  • CDs, mp3 downloads, essential oils, and other products to enhance your spiritual growth and assist you in your quest as you draw ever closer to realizing your Divinity

All of the paths I offer for your personal empowerment and enlightenment are connected. Each serves to enhance and expand the others. You'll know which of these paths are right for you.

Let me introduce myself to you.

I AM Kathy Wilson, Warrior Priestess Magdalene...
at your service.

It is my specific Life Purpose to create pathways of enlightenment by teaching, mentoring, and coaching so that those who are seeking their own truth - people such as you - can remember that they are truly beings of Divine Light.

What does being a priestess mean in today's world? The Highest Purpose of a priestess is now and always has been threefold:

  • Receive Higher Wisdom from her sources of Spiritual Guidance
  • Translate the message of Higher Wisdom from its interdimensional format so that it might be understood in this 3D world we live in
  • Share that Higher Wisdom with those for whom it has relevancy, importance, and value

The image of the sword represents my inner Sword of Truth. Only by knowing your personal truths can you discover and become the Divine Being you really are. My inner Sword of Truth guides me in cutting away the dross that hides the real you and keeps you from being your Divine Self.

It is my Life Purpose, and my honor, in all of my offerings to assist you in:

  • remembering the ancient wisdom you already have that lies within you
  • teaching you to heal yourself using your own inner wisdom
  • mentoring you to remember how you can connect with your own sources of Higher Wisdom for enlightened guidance whenever you want it

It is not my Life Purpose to do your healing for you, advise you on how to live your life, or tell you how to be Spiritual. As a Divine Being, you already know how to do all that. My Purpose is to assist you in remembering the powerful Divine Being you truly are. However, if you are not quite ready to claim your inner power, there are others who would give you their interpretation of what you should think and do.

You will find that none of the spiritual services I offer include predicting your future. There is one simple reason for this: it is no longer possible. We are now fully empowered and are creating our own present and our own future with our thoughts, our intent, and by the choices we make.

YOU are the only one who knows what you'll be missing if you don't take the necessary steps to become your highest and best potential - your Divine Self.

If you are ready and willing to claim your true power - to remember your Divinity and to live your Life Purpose - allow me, Warrior Priestess, to offer you support, connection, knowledge, and inspiration for your chosen path.

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