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November 15, 2017
Vol.#13 Issue#11



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Under One Roof
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Planetary Warning

I came across this older channeling from the Omnis and was surprised at the powerful energy I felt as I held it in my hand. That was all the indication I needed to alert me to the fact that it's time to publish this message. It ain't pretty and all fuzzy, warm, feel-good, but it's vitally important that as many as possible read and heed this message.

Your planet, and all that dwell within it, are programmed to support you in your evolutionary growth. They are not designed to support you in devolution.

What this means is that when you choose to use any part of your planet for other than its highest and best use, that part of the planet will choose to cease to exist. Notice we said "when" and not "if".

It has been shown through your recent actions, by that we mean those of the last several hundred years, that there is a gross misconception as to the purpose of all the rich resources you have been given. As a result, the very planet and all connected to her are withdrawing their support of humans.

How this is manifesting is by the decreasing number of wild, as you call them, animals that reside in the air, on the land, and in the waters. It is not only the over-harvesting by humans of these beings that is to blame for their decrease in numbers. They actually have ways unknown to you by which they can reproduce in great numbers, thus increasing their population. The reason and the cause of their diminishing population is their withdrawal of support for humans.

The original intent was for this planet and all within and withon it to support humans as they interacted with each other. The wholesale decimation of the other beings who live on this planet was not prethought.

Before humans were brought to this planet, the entire system of it was perfect. Everything was of support to many others and all was in harmony. The cycles which were necessary to bring a system into balance should it somehow become out of balance were gentle and accepted by all. Now almost every system on and in this planet is out of balance.

All natural energies are programmed to bring balance to the systems that are out of balance. As they attempt to do so, humans, in their ignorance, intervene. Thus the imbalance grows, with the result affecting other systems and bringing them out of balance. Consequently, there is little left on this planet that is remotely alike its original purposed composition.

If this planet is to be brought back into balance, harmony, and thus health, it is for humans to first of all stop interfering with its natural processes and cycles. Forests are not to be "managed". Fish are not to be "farmed". The animals are not to be raised in pens and fed substances unnatural to them.

It is for you, humans, to look to yourselves to solve your problems, and not continue to over-harvest the bounties that this planet supplies you. Continuance to do so will only result in the end of all beings that are currently living in, on, and about this planet. That most certainly includes you, humans.

Take heed of these words now and look to what you, each one of you, are doing in every moment of the day that is or might be of harm to any of the systems on your planet. You each have been a part of this decimation of your planet. Some more than others, but nevertheless, all of you are responsible for the destruction that you see of your planet.

This is not the first warning you have received regarding this issue. Although it may not be the last, there may be only a few more reminders such as this before it is too late and you have over-damaged the planet to an extent that it is not able to recover. Better to begin now to change your ways than to be sorry you didn't after it's too late.

The Omnis and Kathy

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Omnidimensional Oracle
38. Seeds

As in all beginnings, there is a seed. The seed represents the potential of a specific form. An apple seed, once germinated, will grow an apple tree. It cannot grow into a broccoli plant or a daffodil.

So, too, are the seeds of the human mind specific as to what they will become, once germinated.

However, one who has seeds yet does nothing to encourage their germination will grow nothing. In all instances a seed needs the correct care in order to germinate and thus grow into its potential.

All seeds need to be carefully tended until they are of a stage in their growth when they can withstand the harsher elements. Seed ideas, once germinated, need to be protected until they've grown into stronger form. Should they be subjected to the harshness of certain elements, such as negative criticism, jealousy, and ridicule, before they are strong enough to withstand them, they may shrivel and die.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to protect your freshly germinated idea seeds until the time that they are ready to emerge into the light for all to see. Even after emergence, it is prudent to be ever wary of that which could harm a newly-sprouted idea. Prompt attention to the care and condition of the growing ideas will deflect any harm that may portend.

When the seed of an idea is complete with its growth, it is ready to be harvested. Only the grower, the creator, will know when this time arrives.

Care for the seeds of your ideas and they will become productive and valuable realities. Nothing happens by accident. If you have a seed of an idea, it is for you to nurture it, care for it, and grow it into a reality.

Symbols hold the energy of what is to be created. The 66 symbols given me by the Omnidimensional Beings to share with all others represent the highest aspects of humanity. The symbols contained within the book, Omnidimensional Oracles, may be used as oracles of wisdom, indicating what is needed at the time. They can also as be used as a reminder of that which you wish to create in and with your life.

Omnidimensional Oracles is now available
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