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February 15, 2018
Vol.#14 Issue#2



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Under One Roof
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Advancing Your Communication
to the Next Level of Evolution

This information was given to me by the Omnidimensional Beings last November, and it seems timely now.

There is much pollution aimed in your direction now. By this we mean energetic pollution, energies that are disruptive and therefore harmful to your native bioenergetic fields and systems. These energies are the result of your current technology.

Although your technology has done much to assist in ease of communicating with those who are not in your presence, there are some effects which have not been addressed or considered by those who are responsible for the creation of these systems and devices. There are far-reaching effects that outweigh the benefits of your technology. The mechanics being used are unnecessary in all cases. There are ways of achieving the same results using natural abilities of the human body.

Your bodily systems are wired to perform all the tasks you now allot to your mechanical devices. For example, you can easily communicate with those not in your presence via what you have named "telepathy", which harms no one and no thing. The electromagnetic fields created by your cell phones and wireless internet are extremely harmful to the natural electromagnetic systems within and surrounding your physical body. This truth will become well known in your near future.

There are ways of shielding yourself, your body, and all living things for which you are responsible and are in your care, from these harmful radiations. There are products you can purchase and use to protect you from these harmful radiations. We recommend use of as many of these products as is feasible, especially for those who live in areas that are intensely populated. The products are easily found by searching for products that protect from microwaves, EMF, WIFI, and other such types of harmful radiation.

In the near future, knowledge about the dangers of living with too much of the types of radiation that are now being emitted from such as cell phones and WIFI devices will become well known and remedies will be found to reduce or completely halt all harmful types of electromagnetic radiation. Until then, it is your sole responsibility to protect yourself and all within your realm of responsibility.

This is not new on the Earth, you know. Eons ago this same type of problem was predominant in other civilizations... as recently as the Atlantis civilizations. It was a large part of the decline of their culture and also was a contributing factor in the demise of their entire population. They became entirely focused on their technological advances and the resulting mechanisms that consequently overtook their lives. The result was that they lost contact with the Earth and ignored how they were affecting the health of their host planet.

We see the same indications within your civilizations now. The health of your planet is becoming dire as a result of the overmuch and incorrect usage of your technology. All that you have named "advances" have served in their usage to advance you toward dooming yourselves, your planet, and all living species on it, to ill health. If this direction is not corrected, you and your planet will cease to live.

For now, do what you can to protect yourself and all living things for which you are responsible from the harm of all the humanly manufactured electromagnetic energies. Discontinue use of all that is unnecessary to your existence in regards to advanced technology. Look instead to that which your host planet has to offer you. And above all, look to your own bodily systems to supply you with all you need.

  • You all have the ability to connect with others, human as well as all living things, by the use of your mind. With practice, you can communicate as clearly as you do now with your cell phones, but without the harmful electromagnetic energies bombarding your body as you do so.
  • You have the inborn ability to communicate with your body to discern what health issues it may be experiencing, their cause, and how to correct and heal them. By developing this ability, you then bypass all chemicals, drugs, and other forms of technology that are proving to be of harm.
  • You were given this planet to live not just on, but with. It has all you need for your life.
  • Your body was designed to be self-maintained. All you need for health of your body is contained within it.

It is time for all humans to truly live the full meaning of "taking your power back". It is what you collectively chose during what you call The Harmonic Convergence in 1987. You are coming to realize more of the implications of your choice. One of the first realizations you had was that you became wholly responsible for the results of your choices. You discovered how your choices created your life - for good or not. You also discovered that predictions were no longer accurate as you began to utilize your freedom of choice as empowered beings.

Now it is time for you to learn how truly powerful you are and use your innate abilities. It's time for you to begin using the true power of your mind to effectively communicate with others, and that includes all living beings on your planet - human, flora, and fauna. It's time for you to take your self-empowerment to the next level of your evolution.

The Omnis and Kathy

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Omnidimensional Oracle
25. Imagination

You have been given a most wondrous and powerful ability. It is one that does not exist in every reality nor does it exist in every world. Because you are living in a reality of free choice, you have been allowed unique powers and abilities not available in other realities. The ability to use your imagination is one of these powers.

We call it a power because it is so very potent. This is the strength of its power: no world, no reality would or could exist without it.

It is the power of imagination that causes betterment in your world, as it does in all worlds. It is imagination that causes you to think "What if...".

  • "What if I could make this better?"
  • "What if this was stronger and more durable?"
  • "What if this was more beautiful or healthy or efficient?"

These are but a few examples of the imagination at work. Because there is such a powerful force as imagination, improvement and discoveries have occurred on your planet, in your world, that were not expected.

The use of imagination has been severely limited in other realities, worlds, and dimensions, in the belief that it was safer for the beings who dwell within them. Because yours is an experimental planet and world, you were given free will. Included within free will is the use of imagination.

This is a power that is often diminished in value by many, and yet the fact remains that without it growth is impossible. New thought, the beginning of any creation, cannot occur without the use of imagination. It is this power that supports the growth of the Universe. It is imagination that sparks the use of energy to create new and better and greater.

Look around you. All that exists is the result of someone using their power of imagination. Imagination is the first step in creation or manifestation. It is the first spark that begins the process that coalesces energy into a useful and beneficial form.

Allow yourself to use the power of your imagination as often as possible, especially during times of challenge. Let it roam freely, the better to discover new and better solution and creations.

Symbols hold the energy of what is to be created. The 66 symbols given me by the Omnidimensional Beings to share with all others represent the highest aspects of humanity. The symbols contained within the book, Omnidimensional Oracles, may be used as oracles of wisdom, indicating what is needed at the time. They can also as be used as a reminder of that which you wish to create in and with your life.

Omnidimensional Oracles is now available
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