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May 15, 2017
Vol.#13 Issue#5



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Body Tapping for Calmness and Relief

For years I've used the Emotional Freedom Technique, or "tapping" as it's more commonly known, to diminish the intensity of unwanted emotions I experience, such as fear, anger, frustration, stress. As I'm tapping, I can feel the physical sensations that accompany any of these types of emotions begin to melt away, until at last the feeling is completely gone.

How does something as simple at tapping on your body manifest such a miracle?

EFT works on the electromagnetic meridians within your body that connect organs and other bodily parts. These meridians are similar to the nerves in your body except that they're not physical, but instead are totally electromagnetic in nature.

As you tap on a specific point of a meridian, it interrupts the signal being repeatedly sent on that meridian. This signal is interpreted by your body as some form of pain, both emotional and physical.

Recently I learned more about the importance of ridding the body of any of these continual messages. This information further explains why it's so important to interrupt the circuit of pain signals.

Every cell in your body has up to 1,000,000 receptor sites. These receptors receive into the cell nutrients, such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

When you see or experience a traumatic event, the hypothalamus releases chemicals called peptides, which are amino acids that you experience as an emotion or a sensation. These peptides dock onto cell receptor sites throughout your body and block the receptor sites so that the nutrients that the cell needs can't get in.

If the peptide, which you're experiencing as an emotion, isn't processed out of the receptor site it remains there. No biggie, right? Wrong. What happens next is that the receptor site dies and the cell divides, creating more cells with receptor sites exactly like the ones in the cell that just died. So now you have even more cells with unprocessed peptide chemicals causing you to feel the original emotions repeatedly or constantly, creating even more of these peptide-blocked receptor sites.

Oh, and remember that if the receptor site is blocked with peptides, it means that little or no nutrients can get into the cell.

Using the EFT tapping on specific meridians and accupressure points causes the body to process the peptides out of the cell receptors, returning your body to a state of balance. It interrupts the continual signal causing the hypothalamus to release the peptides.

Now, in our country and in our world, more than ever, we need methods like EFT to help us stay calm so that we can function and not fall into dispair. We need to keep up our strength, both emotional and physical, during these trying times.

Please try using EFT. It only takes about three minutes to do the process and I think you'll be amazed at how you feel afterwards.


ps. Here's the link to the instructions from the originator of EFT. It costs nothing, so give it a try.

Personal Consultations with the Omnidimensional Beings

The Omnis, as I fondly call them, share information from their Universal perspective to illuminate your path and get you moving in the correct direction for optimum spiritual evolution.

The knowledge they share gives you in-depth information about your issue or challenge, making it easier for you to make the correct choices in your life. New options and potentials appear, giving you awareness of better solutions to the challenges you're facing.

You may request that the Omnis give you information about a specific subject or issue. Examples are:

  • What is my Life Purpose?
  • What is my Soul Contract with this person?
  • How might I access other dimensions?
  • What is the highest purpose of the challenge I'm currently experiencing?
  • How can I heal this health challenge?
  • What are the hidden beliefs that are blocking my progress?
  • What needs to be complete before I can move forward?

At the closing of your session, an Omnidimensional Oracle symbol will be selected for your use in continuance of the revealed wisdom and knowledge given you by the Omnis. It is a valuable aid in understanding how to facilitate improvement in your quality of life. The information contained within the energy of the symbol can take you from the very beginning stages of understanding to the greater utilization of that energy regarding the subject of your session.

More information here:

Omnidimensional Oracle
19. Filter

Filtering is without doubt one of the most overlooked and unused abilities available to you in your search for truths. It is for this reason alone that very often your ability to discern truth from all the rest is difficult for you.

Filtering is, simply put, the ability to recognize that which is dross and thus unimportant and unnecessary to the subject at hand.

This is not to say that certain elements are not important. It is to say that they can be unimportant to the subject for which you are wanting greater truth. At another time, in another circumstance, those elements deemed unimportant or worthless for the current subject would be of vital importance and extremely necessary to a different search for truth.

To be most effective, the filters used should be carefully considered before applying them to the subject in order to screen out all but the truth as it applies to the subject. This can mean that the filters themselves must be carefully filtered in order to be pure and clear. For it is only with pure, clear filters that you can see truth clearly.

All areas of your life may be viewed through filters in order for you to become absolutely clear about the truths that reside within each area. It is through the use of filters that you can then discern which aspects of your life are suitable and desired and which are merely clutter and useless... or worse, detrimental to your true life path and higher purpose.

It is only when you have gained information through the process of filtering that you can make intelligent choices about what to keep and what to discard. It is this process that is to be used in order to discern which of your actions, thoughts, and beliefs, is propelling you along in the correct and appropriate direction.

The process of filtering can also illuminate what is holding you back or guiding you in an incorrect direction. If the incoming information is not clear, look to the filters. It is difficult to see clearly through a filthy window. Likewise it is difficult, if not impossible, to see clearly through murky, distorted, unclear filters. Cleanse and clear your filters for sharper information. You may discover additional filters for your filters are necessary.

You'll know whether your filters are clear or not by the ease with which you are able to make right choices and decisions. Additionally, the correctness and appropriateness of your choices will be indicated as you experience results such as moving closer to your desired goals and enjoying a higher quality of life.

In each aspect of your life, in every choice you make, the correct use of filtering will give desired results.

Symbols hold the energy of what is to be created. The 66 symbols given me by the Omnidimensional Beings to share with all others represent the highest aspects of humanity. The symbols contained within the book, Omnidimensional Oracles, may be used as oracles of wisdom, indicating what is needed at the time. They can also as be used as a reminder of that which you wish to create in and with your life.

Omnidimensional Oracles is now available
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