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Cleansing Your Chakras

The vortexes of energy within your physical body that you know as chakras bring energy into and out of your body. It's rather like breathing, only instead of bringing air into your body, energy is inhaled and exhaled... so to speak.

When a chakra is spinning clockwise, it's bringing energy into your body. Of course it follows, then, that a counter-clockwise direction spins energy outward.

It can be confusing to figure out which direction is which, so here's an easy method I've devised: pretend that you're screwing a light bulb into the area of the chakra. That's clockwise. Simple, yes?

You can control which way your chakras are spinning with your intent or by making a silent command. Why would you want to do this? There are many purposes for this practice, one of which is to enhance your manifesting powers. Another is to release negative or lower based frequencies from your body for healing and health.

Repeating negative thoughts of incidents, issues, and the like can cause energy to build up within the specific chakra aligned with the subject. When this has gone on for some time, it can cause energy blockages, which are commonly known as health issues. (At this point I should probably insert some kind of disclaimer about going to see your physician, so consider it done.)

Thoughts and emotions and the health issues they can cause is a HUGE subject, far beyond what I can cover in this short article, so here are some of my favorite resources that cover it more fully:

Here is a list of the chakras and some of the associated energies that can become blocked within these chakras:

  • Crown Chakra (thoughts): negative thoughts such as anger at someone, fear of something, being stuck in place, resentment, jealousy
  • Third Eye Chakra (inner visuals): replaying visions in your mind of incidents that caused you harm or to feel negative emotions
  • Throat Chakra (language): speaking or writing about negative subjects such as conflicts, confrontations, arguments; saying negative things about another person or something in a current or past situation; using disempowering language such as "can't", "have to", etc.
  • Heart Chakra (emotions): harboring negative feelings such as jealousy, anger, fear, resentment, guilt, about another person, a situation, or an issue past or present
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (personal will): giving your power and authority away to others, such as letting others tell you what to think, feel, and do.
  • Sacral Chakra (family, community): issues with family, friends, government, or other groups of people
  • Root Chakra (physical): retreating from life, being ungrounded

To release blocked energy from your chakras use this quick and easy meditation or visualization. Make sure you won't be disturbed by people, phones, pets, etc. while you're doing it.

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take three long, slow, deep breaths to relax and center you.
  • Visualize the chakra from which you want to release the pent up, blocked energy. You may see the chakra as a vortex or whirlpool of color, swirling on the specific area of your body.
  • With your intent or with a silent command, spin the chakra counter-clockwise. Envision the chakra spinning faster and faster, and as it does, dark clouds of energy arise from inside of you and are brought to the surface, where they are flung out of your body by the momentum of the spinning chakra. As this occurs, you may feel or sense the release of this energy. Continue until there are no more dark clouds of energy being released.
  • Open your eyes and take a few moments to feel or sense how different that area feels now.

This practice takes only a few minutes and can be utilized daily to clear and cleanse unwanted, harmful, and blocked energies from your body so you can enjoy better health.


The Interdimensional
12 Strand DNA Activation

It's time. Step up to the next level of spiritual evolution with the activation of your 12 DNA strands and the 12 layers of interdimensional energy that surround them. You'll enjoy a wonderful experience and successful activation as you participate in the activation of your 12 DNA strands, the 12 layers of interdimensional energy that surround each DNA strand, and your Akashic Record which resides within each DNA strand.

The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation download includes the guided visualization for the activation of your 12 DNA strands and the activation of your 12 interdimensional layers of energy. Enjoy the sounds of the Sacred Solfeggio tones as they enhance your experience of your activation. Also included are pre-activation and post-activation instructions and information.

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Omnidimensional Oracle
13. Release

There is a point in all life events where energy must be released. To ignore this need is to destruct from within.

As events such as work projects or relationships with others occur and continue, there are points at which the energy builds and must be released. These points may be built-up pressure of a higher based energy such as pleasure or they may be of a lower based frequential energy such as anger or fear. Either way, the energy must be released.

In the case of higher frequential emotions, such as joy, delight, and satisfaction, the release may be in the form of ecstatic and exuberant celebration, such as expressing joy at the highly successful culmination of a project.

Were that same project to culminate not so successfully, the energy needing to be released might be one or more of several lower based emotional energies, such as anger, frustration, disappointment.

There is in either case of lower or higher frequency emotions a need for release. Dependent upon the situation, the release may be somewhere between one of short duration and lesser intensity or of huge intensity and for a longer period of time.

Whatever the strength of the emotion, there is a need for release more often than is usually considered. If you only release an emotional energy when it is at a point of being almost unbearable and uncontrollable, then you encourage potentially disastrous results. If this be the case then you have misused many opportunities along the way of the experience to release the emotions in a lesser manner, a manner in which the release is sustainable and controllable.

To release energies, whether of higher or lower based frequencies, is to level out your energy. This is of benefit, as you can then retain more energy for a longer period of time. Holding back the release of energy takes much energy in itself. This can cause early exhaustion, leaving you unable to continue or finish a project because of your lack of energy.

Energy needs to move, and this especially includes emotional energy. When emotional energy is released so it can flow freely, the overall effect is one of smoothing out the flow of energy.

Symbols hold the energy of what is to be created. The 66 symbols given me by the Omnidimensional Beings to share with all others represent the highest aspects of humanity. The symbols contained within the book, Omnidimensional Oracles, may be used as oracles of wisdom, indicating what is needed at the time. They can also as be used as a reminder of that which you wish to create in and with your life.

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