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AstroArchetypes is a powerful method by which you can access profound wisdom that's available to you. The higher wisdom you gain allows you to make better informed choices so you can create a higher quality life for yourself.

An AstroArchetype reading combines these powerful components:

  • the houses of astrology - an ancient "map" of the twelve most important areas in your life
  • archetypes - the different roles or personas you adopt according to differing situations and the people involved... and how you can utilize them for the greatest benefits

The twelve astrological houses are the major and most vital areas of your life. An Archetype is selected (with the guidance of your Higher Self) from Caroline Myss' deck of 74 Archetype cards. When combined with the astrological house, the meaning of each card becomes quite unique for you.

Light and Dark Aspects

Each Archetype card has a Light Aspect and a Dark Aspect.

The Light Aspect is what you must believe and how you must act in order to realize the highest and best potential results regarding your issue or challenge.

The Dark Aspect represents what action, attitude, or belief will result in non-beneficial results - for you and for all concerned.

In the majority of instances, these two Aspects are interpreted as originating from within you. However, remember that others in your life are reflecting specific qualities to you, be they those you desire to have or to have more of, or those you dislike and wish to avoid.

In the case of the Light Aspect, someone with a quality or belief you admire may serve as your role model. Inversely, someone who demonstrates a quality you dislike may be reflecting to you how you're dishonoring yourself and others. In either case, remember that those around you are like mirrors, reflecting back to you behaviors, beliefs, and qualities that are either desirable and beneficial or undesirable and harmful.

At all times know that you are empowered to choose which path you wish to experience so that you might learn precious knowledge and wisdom.

"It's like a discovery session on steroids! The visualizations of my archetypes were profound and still resonate with me to this day."

G.H., Minnesota

These components of the astrological houses and the archetypes by themselves are extremely effective. Combined, they're amazingly powerful in getting the information you need and want about any issue, situation, or relationship.

It's only with greater knowledge that you can truly be empowered to move through to make the changes you want so you can create your best life.

"Like having more buddies to help me out when I need it."

K.A., Washington

"The (AstroArchetype) tool has been REALLY, REALLY helpful to me and I venture to say that it was born right at the right time to help me through this."

J.M., Florida

Here's how using the AstroArchetypes has helped others through difficulties in some of the areas of their life:

  • A client has recently had some major financial setbacks and was considering the possibility of voluntary foreclosure on her home. She decided to consult the Mentor, the Archetype in her house of Finances, about the issue. The advice she received was to consult with professionals in the areas of legal, financial, moral, and credit. In the week following she met with a lawyer, a credit consultant, her CPA, and her life coach. She gained the information she needed to get a much clearer picture of her situation and is working on a viable solution with her mortgage company.
  • Another client who is a mortgage broker had just moved from one company to another. She was having difficulty with a loan that still hadn't closed at the old company and wasn't sure if she should continue to work through the difficulties with this loan at the old company or close it out and move it to the new company. After doing the AstroArchetypes, she decided to ask the Mediator in her house of Career for advice. The wisdom she received was to write out all the information, present it to her client with the available choices and let him choose. She did, he chose to stay with the existing loan, and the loan closed smoothly.

After your AstroArchetype reading I'll email you a list of the AstroArchtypes that were chosen, along with their Light and Dark definitions. You'll also receive a form which you can use anytime to easily access the wisdom of the AstroArchetypes which were chosen during the reading.

AstroArchetypes Session

All sessions are one hour and are by phone. I'll contact you to schedule our appointment within 24 hours (excluding weekends) when I receive your order from PayPal. Please make sure your email address is correct.

"I've been checking in with my different archetypes and it has really helped me get a clearer vision in my relationships."

M.W., Washington

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